Duplicating your pendant from Silver to Gold

Duplicating your Pendant from Silver to Gold 

Stud Ear rings I made from a copy of a hand print one in fine silver and a copy in 18ct gold 

Do you have a favorite pendant in silver or fine silver that may have a fingerprint hand or footprint on it and you just love it only the company that made this very special pendant did not work in gold?
Well you are in luck if you register post your pendant to me I will be able to have to cast a mold made of it and then we can have it poured and a gold one made for you. It would be an exact copy of the one you have and  you silver pendant would be returned to you safe and well along with your new solid 9ct or 18ct gold one 
The solid gold pendant can be any of the three gold colours, white, yellow or rose

The cost of your pendant in gold would depend on the size and weight but the average heart size pendant as pictured below with footprints on it would be $300 in solid 9ct Yellow gold and is approx 2cm in diameter

For more info and if this can be done for you email me 
a photo of the pendant you would liked copied into gold attached may really help 

If you wish to change the setting we can help you with that as well or keep them exactly the same as above you can see the same pendants just one in solid 9ct gold and one is fine silver

Different bail settings if you wanted a change

If you do not have a pendant but would like one please click on below I can make you one 

Once we make the mold of your pendant we have it on file and more in the future can be made without the need to send the original back. Gold pendants average cost $300 to $350 size dependent  and if you would like more in silver to share with family or friends the average cost of them is sterling silver is $50 

email me 

Love and Light xx


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