Shell for a Friend

Shell for a Friend

I have a beautiful friend I have never met her in person as she lives almost 15625km or 9709 miles from me which truly is a world away in distance yet I feel I know her so well . Sadly I met this friend through a loss a few years ago as I helped her and made her some special shells.

When I first started on Facebook she was one of my first "Friends" and I we have got closer ever since and I love to watch and keep up with her family she is a very special lady and has an equally special family.

Anyone that says Facebook friends are not "Real" friends does not have my FB friends.

Sadly she and I now share a very sad date as I was asked by her to make yet another shell to remember her most recent Angel in Heaven.
So I made her one and on a significant date one like she asked me to but as we share this time in the universe I wanted to make something else. Something special one for me and one for her one that we would both have for our Angels together in Heaven.

On Saturday the 7th of Jan 2012 I was at my beach Pottsville beach in far North New South Wales Australia, all those miles away from her and I asked for and looked for a special shell for us both that I could make a cast from and turn to silver. So I asked and I looked and I asked and I looked and all I was looking for was my favorite shell on that beach and that is a fan shell but none would turn up. Disappointed I kept asking and was lead to a shell that I kept saying "That can not be it, that can not be it, that is not the shell I want" yet I was told to dig that one out. So I got the shell out of the sand on the shoreline and there it was a small shell almost in a tear drop shape and as I looked closely at it I found that it has a very small piece missing at the top it was slightly broken and I knew that was the shell. I feel like anyone that has lost a child will always have that tear in their heart and always will be that little bit broken with that little piece missing so I knew it was perfect.

So I took this special shell home and have now made two copy's one for me and one for her with our Angels initials stamped inside and today hers will leave on its very long journey across a very big ocean.

"Time to go home loved one travel safe, may peace, love and harmony accompany you smile down on us from above" Sue-Ella

I have made many shells over the years many from special shells people have collected from their own beach and many are the Mermaid coins found on Christians seashore and sent to me by the lovely Carly Marie. Some hold ashes or sand from the beach and others I have placed baby's footprints in the back.
If you have a special shell I am be able to make something special like these for you
Just email me

Our Shell

Taken home and a mould then taken of it and then turned to fine silver and oxidised to bring out the fine detail of its marking

A Fan shell from Pottsville beach, my favorite type of shell I find there. I have made many of these into fine silver and one very special one holds the ashes of my beloved dog Shep lost many years ago.

My shell I made for Shep this shell I placed his ashes into the back

A Mermaid Coin shell found on Christian beach and sent to me by Carly I have made many of these into fine silver and place sand from that special beach inside as well had Angel baby footprints into the back. I will not publish images of these as the jewellery is far too personal to the families

This is a Mermaid Coin pendant a coin not collected from Christian Beach but another beach special to the lady that wears this pendant. Sending love to her and her family always

If you have a special shell you would like to have turned to fine silver let me know via email and I will try and help you. Fine silver or gold shells made from originals will be 12% smaller than original as in the image below. Ashes can be placed into your shell but you must register post as very small portion of the ashes to me please click here for FAQ&A to find out more about postage

If you do not have a special shell but would like a Mermaid Coin from Christian Beach I have many on my desk and I know one can be made personal to you and if you would like some sand from that beach placed inside I have a collection of that safe as well. Carly not only sends me shells but sand as well.


Love and Light



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