Our Beloved Pets

I have wanted to blog about pets for a while now and just have not found the time then last week I had two very big remainders that I needed to do this for families.

For some out pets are just that pets yet for others they truly are very important members of our families.

These days more and more of our pets are cremated just as our human loved ones are and all the jewellery I make can just as easily be adapted to hold your beloved pet.

From lockets to prints to pendants to hold ashes. Even last week I placed a much loved and missed dogs ashes into a shell that was found on the beach where this dogs ashes were shattered.

For information or ideas of how to hold your lost pet close below are some examples of what can be done and never hesitate to contact me via email for more help

Our much loved dog Shep that carried our wedding rings on our wedding day. Sadly we lost Shep 7 years ago we miss him very much he was everyones best mate and loved by all.
Love you Shep

A locket I made for myself with Sheps ashes behind these images of him. Also placed over the photo on the left is some of his fur.
He was a big hair thing we loved him so much so loyal and so beautiful
Prices for silver lockets average $135

Our crazy cat Skitz she was dumped and decided that she would like to live at our place. We had never been cat people before and I truly think she was sent to let us both know it was ok to love a pet again after the devastation of losing Shep. Skitz is very much still with us and is a true charterer. This was made to show her on one side and fur on the other over pretty pink paw prints.

Idea for pet photo one side and paw print the other ashes can go under images

Pets actual paw print engraved on the front of a Pandora style locket ashes can go under images
$110 + $25 for paw print engraving

Gold and Silver style lockets with image of pet one side and actual paw print the other with fur on the paw print
Prices for lockets start at $135 (silver) depending on locket chosen 

A memory ball with 6 special images
prices from $180
To know more about memory ball go to blog link below and click
Memory Balls 

sterling silver heart paw print pendant $145
Paw print heart email to order

Paw Print sterling silver $145
Paw print pendant to fill with ashes or fur

New Stainless Steel Pendant for ashes or fur $95ea
New range of hearts in Stainless steel 1.8cm across and the two black background ones are .5cm thick. the center one is more curved so only .3cm thick
all come with a choice of a ball or belchur stainless steel chain 70cm long that can be easily shortened
all unscrew at the top and can be easily filled with ashes or fur
$95 each
email to order
The back of each can be engraved at a flat rate of $15 per heart

for more styles please click here
to purchase email

Sheps ashes were also placed in the back of this shell. This fine silver shell was handmade from a mould I took of a shell I found on the beach we were married on. Shep was our ring bearer so this is pretty special to me. Last week I put another much loved dogs ashes in the back of the same shell as this dogs ashes were scatted on Pottsville beach.
more shell styles available click here
Price of shell with ashes sealing start at $135
(prices on site may vary depending on size of shell and degree of personalization as ashes sealing requires more work)

email for details

This simple key ring is of two finger prints from a friends dog Rusty. This was taken years ago when I was experimenting with both human fingerprints and pet prints. I love that you can see all the fur prints in the base as Rusty was a hairy funny little dog. Sadly Rusty passed away a couple of months ago and I found this on the week end having forgotten I had taken them and made this. This week Rustys prints will go home to his mum that misses him so much.
Rustys name was written on this just as he was all shaggy and rustic
Names can be engraved or stamped they are not normally done in this style

pressed in print(actual size print taken from Pet)

Skitz is only a small cat so I was able to capture her full paw print into this fine silver pendant. If you have paper copies of your pets prints I can use and size them to fit anything just as human hand and footprints see the post by clicking here
prices vary depending on the size of the pendant and the weight of the silver or gold
average price $135 in silver

Your pets Paw prints used from email copy of prints on paper

Your Pets Paw prints can be used and made into pendants or charms from paper copies
silver from $125 solid gold from $350

below is 3D style print is actual size and print taken from pet

3D style print average price $135 in silver 

or email me

Horse Locket $135

Not forgetting our larger pets this is a stunning horse locket in sterling silver and inside an image of a much loved horse lost a couple of years ago now and inside we have his image and on the other placed over a lovely photo of a paddock is some of his mane.
to have your locket personalized
email me

Eddy Bears can Hold ashes or hair from your beloved Pets

Eddy Bears can be personalized with engraving on their paw and can hold precious fur or ashes of you beloved pet and then when you really need to give them a cuddle again this is perfect
to purchase click here and go to The Eddy Bear Company

No matter the size of your pet no matter the type of pet we all love them and they are all part of our family and when they die it is a family member that is now missing
I will help you in any way I can hold your beloved pet close
email me and together we can go through idea

This blog post is in memory of all pets loved and lost and especially to Fat Guts lost this week she was a funny little chicken. Although I have always worked with families after loosing pets I knew I had to officially blog about it after been so touched by a card we received from the vet after she sadly passed.

Love and Light


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful and such a lovely tribute to your special pets!!!

Stephanie said...

I love this. We lost our little Candy Corn in November and just celebrated what would have been her 16th birthday a couple of weeks ago. She literally was sent to save me after losing my daughter. I hope I can use your services in the future and get a wonderful keepsake to remind me of her. Thanks for all you do Sue!!

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