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Sue-Ella's Treasure Box

In my office I have a special little box I have always called it my little "Treasure Box" inside this box I keep all sorts of treasures, treasures I have picked up from shows, fairs or suppliers. Things I may have made, things I see beauty in, things I think that may help someone in the future. Things with meaning to me or something that captures my eye that says "the person that needs me will come looking for me" so I take them home and I put them in my treasure box and I wait. The person that needs them always turns up and I always know the owner as soon as I talk to email with them.

Treasure box items are often one offs. Sometimes I can get more but more often than not they are in short supply and this makes them just that little more special to me.

I am now going share some of my treasures weekly with everyone and will offer a few items for sale on Facebook. Each Wednesday Morning so my overseas friends do not miss out I will place photos of some treasures for sale that week.

Let's see if there is something special I have found has been sent for you.

To purchase from Sue-Ella's Treasure Box is simple if you are the first one to comment "sold" under the image then the piece of jewellery is yours and I will email you an invoice and through email get your address for postage. Prices including postage will be posted with the items image.

All Treasure Box items that are silver will be sterling silver or handmade fine silver (more pure then sterling) any stones will be natural stones.

If you are searching for that special something remember you can always email me as I love to hunt down special requests as everyone remembers loved ones in different ways. This week for a family I will be placing a babies feet prints into a Snowflake charm as this has meaning for them. Weekly I find and make new jewellery that never makes it to my blog or FB as it is of a personal nature to families.


Love and Light


JR said...

I really liked your blog. Good luck and until new appointments

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