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I get asked quite often for Pandora style charm beads and the answer is yes I can do charms for most style bracelets. Pandora style, Thomas Sabo clip style or the good old fashioned solder on a bracelet with a jump ring style.

These charms are sterling silver but not "Originals" to the type of bracelet you are have as they will be personalized to you and generally are one off designs for families

Below are some images of predominantly Pandora style charms as this was to be a post on Pandora style, then I thought it would be easier to just group them all in as one. I can adapt these charms to fit your style of bracelet.


Lockets can come in different styles and shapes this plan round one is very popular and can hold two images ashes and hair
these tiny lockets can be adapted the same as any of the larger locket
see locket ideas click here

charm locket in ave price $110

Angel balls can be fitted to bracelets of all style this is my Pandora Bracelet and on it you can see both an Angel ball and heart locket
to know about Angel balls click here
Prices start at $55

Little hands, feet or fingerprints can be made into charms for all bracelet style
to find out more and fingerprint, hand and foot print jewellery click here
Prices from $95 to $135
depending on degree of personalization

Little faces can be etched by computer onto beads
these stunning pieces are specially made beads
round or square and you can even have hands for feet prints etched on
one side etched $150 two sides $195

Handmade fine silver shell can hold sand from Christians beach or ashes

Baby's hands or footprints placed into charms of all shapes can be done.
This family requested a snowflake style as snowflakes are special to them
They emailed me the prints from Canada and this is how it turned out on a Pandora style bead
Ave price $125

Harrison Heart Charm 1cm across and down
This sterling silver heart charm can be filled by me or yourself as the little heart has acrew in the back
available as a regular charm $90
Thomas Sabo style charm with clip $95
Pandora style charm $115 (the Pandora style bead is little love hearts)
Order is via email

A Harrison Heart with Shells soldered to the top $135
A Harrison Heart is sterling silver can hold ashes or hair and this one had a shell placed on the top for a family as the shells have meaning for them.
Butterflies, Dragonflies or other symbols can be placed on top
email to have your own personalization

Clip charms available many shapes from $95

All charms except diamond etched beads or charms can hold ashes. Let me know via email and look through options you like on this blog and I will be able to adapt most pieces to charm size for you.

To purchase and have a personalized charm made for you please email

Love and light


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