Chillie Girl

Chillie Girl

So many of you all ready know our dog Chillie a 14mth old Border Collie.

This is a photo of  Chillie taken two days before a dog viciously attacked her this past Monday and we had to rush her to an emergency vet for surgery

She was doing nothing more than her usual walk with myself and my husband when from the opposite side of the road a dog broke free from its harness and attacked Chillie. Chillie is a passive timid little girl and did not fight back and immediately rolled onto her back and gave up. If my husband had not been with me I am sure we would have lost our little girl that day.
After surgery and hours of observation we had to pick her up from the emergency vet hospital and sadly while we waited to take Chillie home we had to be with people that did not have a happy outcome from their emergency trips
Their faces, their grief, their tears just tore me apart, I sat there in tears not for our Chillie as she was coming home but for these families that beloved animal family members  would not be.

I have helped many of you with jewellery for your beloved pets. Some four legs some feathers and even a much loved rat whose foot print I did and I still remember those little toes.

So for those I have helped in the past with pets I have had so many of you on my mind this week with our close call. For those that may not know I do pet memorial this is a time I have been prompted to remind all

All family members deserved to have their lives honored and remembered in jewellery if that is what you chose to do. All my jewellery can be adapted for pets and I am asked all the time if I do. The answer is Yes of course I do. 

This post is dedicated to those that lost a pet family member that day and sending love out to the universe to you. Thinking of you and truly understanding your pain as we have been there when we lost our beloved Shep so many years ago. I have had pets all my life and I have lost many. The joy they bring to your life is so great yet the sadness when they leave is so incredibly heartbreaking and immense
For more on specific pet jewellery please click below 

This is pet specific link however any of my jewellery can be used for beloved animals of any kind 

Love and Light 


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