Welcome 2015

Welcome 2015

I am back from a lovely break and hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and Safe New Year. I know the holiday season can be tough on so many of you and I hope it was not too unkind to your hearts.

As memtioned in previous blog posts I am returning to making my jewellery in 2015 and my wait list is now open 

However I will be working more with my husband in another business we have this year so my wait time on personalized or one off pieces of jewellery may be a little longer than in previous years

I will always do what I can for families that contact me it just may take a little longer 

My email remains the same and my blog very much a guide to idea, as I like no two pieces the same as no two lives are the same just email me to work out what is perfect for you 


May you all have a truly blessed 2015

love and light 

Something New for 2015

Sterling Silver Slide Ball (Not an Angel ball)
Sterling silver with a sterling silver chain, the ball is approx 1cm in diameter and can hold ashes or hair as it opens with a small screw on the side 
Price in Sterling silver $180
9ct solid gold POA



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